Mysore sandalwood oil, history and significance

From centuries sandalwood popularly known "Chandan" in India is deeply rooted to our custom and religion and reserves a place with uttermost respect in Hindu Religion where this holy oil is used in all social and religious rituals and ceremonies right from the birth of a child and till his death. In every step of life sandalwood is required, It is used in marriages to bless bride and groom, mixed with flowers and other ceremonial offerring to various Hindu gods and goddesses, used on bodies and foreheads which is a common practice among people of many communities especially in southern India, and even burnt while ritual of cremating the dead body. 
Indian Sandalwood oil, technically known as "Santalum album" is extracted via steam distillation of wood pieces from matured Sandalwood tree (Core wood which is brownish part of tree) that are 40-60 years old. Older the tree, more the oil is extracted and the aroma get stronger, that is one of the prime reason that sandalwood oil is so costly. This yellowish viscous oil have mild smell which is respected as strongest base oil in aromatherapy, Mysore in Karnataka state is popular since ancient time as the source of this oil especially because of its perfect climate and soil properties. There are several sources claiming pure Mysore sandalwood while only provide the authentic sandal oil along with certificate of analysis that is the reason is popular among aroma therapist and pharmaceutical labs across India. The sandalwood is also used in creating premium handicrafts, Incense, cosmetics & powder. Since it is very costly wood/oil & to prevent from sandal smugglers who cut trees before their matured age, karnataka government protect & hold rights to cut sandal tree and supply to the factories for their distinct use. 
Sandalwood oil is highly relaxing and calm nervous system, its sweet woody smell is mild yet consistent and stay for longer time and is regarded as base oil that bind other oils while creating a blend of oils or making perfumery compounds. 

You take any fragrance of the world and you will find you cannot wear same everyday and every time. Sandalwood is an exception, imagine people in south India practices this for ages and it became a cultural heritage that they wear sandalwood on body, worship put on head & its mild fragrance is majestic