Looking to buy Essential oils online in India, be careful

A genuine buyer who need some essential oils in India as recommended for some ailment or aromatherapy; or sometime want to create a custom blend of different oils - you start searching for genuine source for essential oils wherein you can get purity of oils at reasonable prices. but when you are searching online you will be flooded with advertisements driving you to the same major online portals that do not specialize in the desired subject and rather confuse you.

There are different type of oils, say you are looking for "Lemongrass" oil so you will be able to get Essential oil, Aroma oil, Diffuser oil, fragrance all say it "Lemongrass oil" and at different prices. So definitely this is not what you intended while searching for a special purpose. In that scenario it is always recommended to follow the specialized platform like AromaShop.in wherein you can get clear segregation of oils that you can choose for your purpose, also the quality and price of oils are best available online