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Pure sandalwood oil in India | benefits of sandalwood oil

Updated: May 15, 2020

If you try to search pure sandalwood oil online, you will get multiple options selling sandalwood oil 10ml from rs.100 to 5000 and you may get confused why such price difference is there.

Getting pure sandalwood oil of mysore origin is impossible: Its illegal to sell mysore sandalwood oil in India and is protected business of karnataka government because of sandal mafia's. What you will get from market on the name of sandalwood oil will be fragrance or chemical composition and not pure essential oil. The fragrances will smell great but will not have therapeutic values of sandalwood, since original sandalwood is costly everyone wish to make quick money. Don't get lured by the fancy packaging or aggressive advertisements

There are options available for pure sandalwood in India, you can get GodBlessU sandalwood that is african sandalwood but very pure and thick oil. it is available at https://www.aromashop.in/product-page/sandalwood They also get the fragrance of sandalwood oil selling at just Rs.99

A sandalwood tree should grow for 15 years and only the core (middle part of tree) is used to extract oil via steam distillation and rest is just wood (not even smell). This is the reason why sandalwood oil is so costly and precious. The virgin sandalwood oil is precious and aesthetic with great values

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