Wall sticker Code: AY823
Product: 60x90cm, Nature Side window (PVC, epoxy wall sticker)

Wall stickers/ Wall decal are the best way to reflect your creativity in home decor, especially because it is easy to place/replace and does not occupy any space. So decorate your walls, window, glass, washroom, office and workplaces. Non toxic, waterproof and can also be reused.

About this design: Take your bedroom in the jungle; get this lively wall decal opening the window among tall nature depicting lavish natural scenery. The look and feel of this big (60x90cm) multicolour wall sticker is so real that no one can go without appreciating.

An exclusive and eye catching wall decal that will truly augment your home decor or could also be a unique gift for your loved one

It’s very easy to Install, just need to peel and stick on the Wall. It may need 2 people to stick this big sticker and should be done on a clean surface very carefully. Here is step wise process

STEP 1: Surface Preparation

The surface you wish to attach your decal must be cleaned first, make sure it is free from dust, grease or any other contamination. Freshly painted or lacquered surfaces must be allowed to completely cure before the decal is applied. Make sure you have sufficient area to paste the sticker.

STEP 2: Peel & Stick
The wall decal comes in parts and you need to fix these parts carefully without giving any guap in between the parts, refer the final picture provided within the sticker for your reference and well plan before starting. Now peel out the pre-cut wall sticker parts off from backing paper and apply them on the design area.

STEP 3: Keep Pressing
Press firmly to squeeze out any air bubbles. Grab a cloth and give wall sticker few wipe down to ensure that each part is firmly stick to the surface.

Important Notes:
• If you need to move the stickers after they have been applied; remove the sticker carefully to avoid damage. The sticker can be reapplied, but its adhesive properties may be reduced.
• Quality : Our decals are made of a high quality, waterproof and durable material These stickers will last for above 4-7 years without fading.
• After receiving your decal roll it out and flatten for a couple of days.

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60x90cm, Nature side window Wall sticker

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