Dimentions: W260 x H310 x D110 mm

Surface:Black Color
Area:2500-3000m3 (~1 m3= 35 Ft3)

Voltage:12V DC

Bottle Capacity:500ml

Aroma Diffusion System (we call it AroMachine), Covers 300 to 5,000 cubic meter area (depending on the model) Completely Discreet, Wall Mounted and HVAC versions. Unlike other less advanced scent technologies such as Oil Burner,Air Fresheners, Room Fragrance, Odor Control, Essential Oil Diffuser etc. that heat the scent and evaporate the fragrance liquid. The Aroma Machine uses cold air micro-nebulisation technology where fragrance oil is dispersed into a dry mist of microscopic small droplets through pressure of filtered cold air. This dry mist of fragrance is released using a fan OR into the HVAC ducts sending a consistent scent to the desired areas.

This AromaMachine converts the scented oil into micro particles almost like gas form and diffuses evenly  in the desire areas. 

It not only masks the unwanted odor problem but completely   eliminates  the air born bacteria & purifies the indoor air quality with its fragrance diffusion system. Hotel Lobby, Restaurant & Bar, Pubs & Nightclubs, Gaming & Casino, SPA & Fitness Clubs,  Cinemas, Auditoriums & Hospitals can now have their ambience smell great


Note: Machine can work by putting on table/floor/mounting on wall, or connecting with  HVAC/heating/ Ventilation follows:




1X One Aroma Machine                                                              

1X Charger (Voltage Range:100V-240V 50hz/60hz)----USA/EU/AU/UK plug acceptable.

1X plastic pipe & Nozzle( FOR HVAC Connection)

1x fragrance bottle

1x User Manual

1X Strong Packing Box


Usage Instructions:


1.Aroma Diffusion System includes two parts: fragrance diffuser engine and installation accessories

     (air conditioner connecting pipe,plastic tube and location-plate). 

2.Optionally connect to HVAC.

3.Pre-fixed work-time range, that is programmable 

4.Adjustable fragrance dispersing density setting from the control panel

5.Easy to install essential oil container which is inserted inside the machine.



1.How to use this machine?

Answer: Please refer the handbook, it will show you detailed operation. any clarify doubt, please contact us!


2.How long to work and pause for machine we can set?

Answer: Working time is from 10 seconds to 300 seconds,Plause time also is from 10 seconds to 300 seconds,

               you  can set time as your will. ideal time is at latest 60 seconds for plause,and at most 200 seconds

               for  working, if too long time for working and too short for plause,it will be easy to damge air pump

              and short  machine lifetime.


3. What's cartridge volume for machine? i want to know if we can change larger cartridge.

Answer: About this machine,cartridge capacity is 500ml. 


4.How long will it use for 500ml cartridge?

Answer: Oil Usage time depent on working time you set.the longer working time you set, the more short time

               it will last. Generally speaking, if it works in 8 Hours each day with 100 seconds working time and 60

              seconds pause will last about 8-12 days for 100ml. 

               after use up. you can refill your own oil by your own.


5. What kind of fragrance oil can we use? can you sell oil for machine?

Answer: This machine can use compound essential oil and diluted essential oil. when we choose  oil,  please 

              keep it not will affect atomization effection. You can always order Aroma oils/ Essential oils

              From as per your choice


6. What's accessories for one unit?

Answer: one unit will be included  machine, lock, Bottle &  adaptor. 


7. How to use  machine?

Answer: There are two  main methods to install. One  is  to  mount on wall by screw with back hole. second 

               method     is to put on table or put on floor

Aroma Machine, Air Ionizer Commercial Fragrance system 500ml

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