Its rare to find a good source of superior quality cotton wick, which is the life line of any candle.

The wick decide whether the candle will burn smoothly or with flikker, the cotton flat wick cause make candle smoke less and burn evenly, also help to make candle dripless.

Aromashop is probably only of its kind store in India serving the professional range of candle wicks.

Here we offer bulk supply of 100meter candle wick suitable for Tealight, pillar, votive, ball, or container candles. You can choose the one from drop down a wick suitable for your need and place the order accordingly. 

1.5mm width wick- suitable for tealight candles, small floaters and ball candles

2mm width wick- suitable for Votives,Jar, Ball, Taper, and small pillar candles

3mm width wick- Suitable for 3 inch and above pillar candles, large jars and multi wick candles.

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Flat Cotton Wick (Smoke Less) for Candles, 100Meter

  • Flat Cotton Wick (Smoke Less) for Candles, 100Meter