Material: Pig Iron

This heavy duty, commercial grade candle mould is made to run for life.

The candle came out of it will be a SANTA shape, approx. 60gm in weight with 5 inch height

The mould weight is around 2.5 kg.

How to use:

- Open the brackets (locks) of mould, The mould will appear in two parts

- One part has got the hook at top with screws at top and bottom back, it will be used to tie the cotton wick.

- Take a piece of cotton wick of around 6 inch and tie it firmly at one end of a screw

- Bring wick from top to down roll it to the screw at bottom back of the mould.

- Close the mould and tighly lock the brackets back

- Melt the wax with additive and colors and bring it at around 60 degree.

- Take the molten wax and carefully pour from the top of mould. Leave it for 6 hrs.

- After 6 hrs, you will see that wax have settled down in the mould. You need to refill again till the top of the mould. Then leave it again for next 4 hours

- Cut the wick from the screw ends, open the brackets and then the mould.

- Take out your candles

In case the candles are not coming out easily, just put the mould with candles in refrigerator for 20 minutes and the candles will release the mould easily. 

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Iron Candle Mold, Santa

  • Iron Candle Mold, Santa