Palm wax is an all-natural, renewable resource that is obtained from the oil palm in Southeast Asia. Due to its environmentally friendly attributes, palm wax offers a whole new choice for candle makers who market sustainable or renewable resource based extensions to their candle lines.

The oil palm produces fruit in bunches which are harvested, and sent to palm oil mills where the oils are extracted, sterilized, clarified and purified into crude palm oil.

The crude oil is then sent to palm oil refineries where it is processed further into products such as cooking oil, shortening, cocoa butter substitutes, non-dairy creamers, soaps, and of course everybody’s favorite – Palm Wax. So we can say that Palm oil itself is a steam distilled pure essential oil.

Palm wax candles are very hard, smooth and dry. They can withstand summer heat without bending or melting and don't have an "oily" feel

Palm wax is a superb material for making excellent burning candles. It resists melting in hot summer months, has high contraction (making de-molding easier), takes colors easily, holds fragrance well, and best of all, can be easily manipulated to produce an infinite array of surface patterns ranging from complex crystalline designs to smooth solid colors. Palm waxes blend well with other waxes to further expand your possibilities.

Enjoy, use your creativity and get all the required colors, fragrances from AromaShop.

Palmwax, natural wax 1kg

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