Pomegranate seed oil is wonderful CO2 extracted light oil that quickly absorbed into the skin & beneficial to nearly all skintypes; research is showing it to be helpful in fighting both skin and breast cancer in laboratory tests.

It has been found to nourish and moisturize the skin, improving elasticity, reducing wrinkles and preventing aging. It has also been shown to help sunburned and ultraviolet damaged skin.

Evidence suggests that its calming and healing properties may aid treatment of numerous skin problems, including dry, irritated sensitive skin, and perhaps even eczema and psoriasis.

No wonder why high end cosmetic and skincare product designers are including Pomegranate Oil in their anti-aging creams and lotions

100% pure theraupetic grade carrier oil (Test certificate available on request), packed in easy to dispense white PVC bottle with nozzle. The bottle can be used to create and keep the custom blend of oils (mix essential oils of your choice) for body massage.

Pomegranate Carrier Oil, Pure 100ml.

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  • Pomegranate Carrier Oil, Pure 100ml.