Here is a set of 9 Scented Tealight Candles in wide range of fragrance choices, made using good quality paraffin wax.

These are high flame candles and last for approx. 3 Hrs.

These candles are used for lightning decoration, oil burners and candle lamps & Shades.

We keep ready stock of these tealight candles and are one of the most selling candles.

To select multiple fragrances, add one by one. For example if you need Rose, Jasmine and Lavender fragrances, then firstly choose fragrances ROSE from the drop down and add quantity of ROSE tealights that you need. Same way add JASMINE and then Lavender fragrances from the drop down.

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Scented Tealight Candles, Pack of 9 (Choose Fragrance)