Mold size: 8.1x8.1x3.5cm

Candle/Soap Size: 7.0x7.0x2.9cm

Candle/Soap Weight: Approx 55g

Mold Weight: about 150g

Material: silicone Rubber

Note: Keep away from flames, knives


Here is a beautiful mold with clean & precise work to an exclusive floating candle or a soap, can be used for cake decoration, chocolate or candle making.

The non-stick easy release feature of flexible silicone bakeware make them ideal to use for making Candle, Chocolates, Rasin, metal sculpture, or for cold molding ice cream,gelatin candy and more. Nonstick coating for easy food release and cleanup. Warm reminding: Before use: please clean and then disinfect in boiling water. After use: please clean and deposit in the place far away from direct sunlight. Beside eatables, these molds can also be used in making & decorating candles, soap, toys etc.

Silicone Candle mold-BIG PEONY, Soap, Cake, Chocolate decoration