The naturally formed attar/ Ittar/ Ittr rule over synthetic alchol based perfumes as they are safe to use direct on body and last very long. Attar sold at are completely Alchol free and prepared via steam distillation of natural flowers & herbs with perfect combination that serve the original glory of these world most renowned attars

Leave the mark of a king with the most fascinating & royal fragrance of "SULTAN".

SULTAN (means "THE KING") attar is considered to be the immortal choice of mughal emperor Akbar and since 15th century it is ruling millions of heart across the world.

Sultan carry sharp woody, spice and a pronounced rose note, it smells like a classic Arabic composition, heady yet powerful.

For perfume lovers, this fragrance is hard to resist and a must try. We serve Attar in beautiful, presentable bottle with nice packaging that well hold your premium collection


SULTAN, Arabian ATTAR 10ml.

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