Material: Pig Iron

This heavy duty, commercial grade candle mould is made to run for life and a one time investment

The wax candle came out of it will be approx. 11gm. in weight with 37mm diameter and 10mm height, There are 25 cavities in the mould with centrally placed nail. In a working day 1 mould,1 person can make upto 500 tealights

The mould weight is around 3 kg.

How to use:

- This mould is in two parts and to be opened only once the candles are ready. So to start with keep it as it is.

- Get your molten wax ready and pour it in the cavaties (25 tealights, you can make lesser also if you need). Wax should be around 60 degree

- Leave the mould to settle and cool down for 3 Hrs. (in room temperature) or just 1 Hr. in a refrigerator

- After that, just open the mould from middle part and take out all the wax candle.

- Insert the wick and place in the tealight cups.

Your tealight candles are ready. You can buy the Tealight ready wicks and Tealight cups from us in loose.

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Tealight Iron 25 Candle Mold, 37mm

  • Tealight Iron 25 Candle Mold, 37mm