Walnut oil has great emollient qualities and is a good choice to include when mixing a massage oil or preparing a carrier oil blend. It is not often used on its own, but is used as a blend option, a very helpful oil in hair therapy and often mixed with coconut oil for hair.

It has healing properties and helpful with skin problems but a skin patch test must preferably be done on anybody that suffers from nut allergies, as this oil may cause an allergic reaction in those people that are very sensitive to this particular nut.

100% pure theraupetic grade carrier oil (Test certificate available on request), packed in easy to dispense white PVC bottle with nozzle. The bottle can be used to create and keep the custom blend of oils (mix essential oils of your choice) for body massage.

Walnut Carrier Oil, 100ml.

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  • Walnut Carrier Oil, 100ml.