Wintergreen is a popular remedy for aches and pains, you lift any pain releiver from medical store & you will find wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens) a main constituent, it is pale yellow to pinkish yellow in color with fresh mint strong herbal smell.

With small evergreen herb the plant grows up to 15cm (6 in) high, with slender stems, leathery serrated leaves and drooping white flowers, followed by fleshy scarlet berries. Wintergreen essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves of the plant following maceration in warm water. Methyl salicylate, the main chemical constituent of the oil, is not present in the plant until formed by enzymatic action from a glycoside within the leaves as they are macerated in warm water.

Menthyl salicylate is the principal constituent of this plant and has been incorporated in liniments and ointments for muscular skeletal problems.

As a herb, it must not be given to patients sensitive to aspirin (salicylates) and wintergreen oil is toxic in excess and can cause liver and kidney damage. It is a remidy but need to be handle very carefully under expert advice. Wintergreen berries are used medicinally to alleviate rheumatic symptoms, headache, fever, sore throat and various aches and pains.

Wintergreen is a common flavoring in American products ranging from chewing gum, mints and candies to smokeless tobacco and snus. It is also a common flavoring for dental hygiene products such as mouthwash and toothpaste.


Never use wintergreen oil internally, If using wintergreen externally properly dilute it & avoid use on children, pets, pregnant women, or on broken skin.

Wintergreen Essential Oil, 10ml

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