When will I get my order delivered? Do you ship to XYZ city/ town

An order may deliver in parts, some products (Indian origin) will deliver fast, may be within a week while the imported products may take 4-6 weeks time. It also depends on the type/weight of the products. Like for example heavy glass consignments may take extra time (extra 2-4 days) for better packaging and handelling we ship worldwide; in case the address is very outskirt it may take extra 1-2 week time

I have ordered multiple products but have received partial items in my parcel. why is that so?

When you order multiple products; sometime we need to complete order in parts. Indian products goes seperately and imported products comes in individual packs as per scheduled delivery So please wait, other products are in transit to you. Still in case you need to connect with us just drop us a MAIL HERE with your order# and we will get back to you.

What if my receive wrong/short or damaged delivered? how will aromashop handle that situation

We have resolution for every possible conflict and address complaints related to shipment on priority. 1). In case of wrong delivery: You need to share a picture of product that you received, we will check with your order. In case of wrong delivery we will arrange reshipping of correct product and reverse pickup of wrong product. 2). In case of Short delivery: If any item quantity is short received than the ordered qty.; we investigate based on the packaging video/ picture/ weight that we do in warehouse. In case of any loss due to box damage the same is claimed with the shipper. If we found the product shipped was short from our side, we ship again to customer on priority 3). In case of damage delivery: We ensure to make good packaging to avoid any intransit damage. However still if some damage happens that we create a case to resolve. Any bulky parcels should be Insured at a nominal cost and we do on customer request; If any damage happens for the insured parcel we immediately compensate customer either with reshipping or refund. In case the product was not insured, then we raise claim with shipper and refund to customer once the claim if get settled.

I want to return the product I received, how shall I proceed

In case customer wish to return a product for refund; we can accept the return. The customer need to send the product in its original condition back to us. Shipping amount and bank chages/ restocking fee (around 15%) will be deducted while refunding such orders


For any specific product query/ questions please write us a mail at: mail@aromashop.in and we will get back to you